Saturday, January 29, 2011

Success Stories - LifeFlow Meditation -1

"I see life in a much better and beautiful way"
It has been 10 months so far since I started meditating for the first time and, since day one; I could feel only GOOD THINGS happening in my body, my mood and the way I see things around me and most important…. how I react to things.

I Must tell you (as a way to say thanks) …Lifeflow is a great product and it has become part of my daily routine….. I’m now using Lifleflow 2 and all levels have been great (gets better after each level by the way…) J

I used to live really stressed and my behavior could change immediately if things did not go the way I expected so, I started looking for alternatives to calm myself and live happier so a friend of mine recommended me some videos of Deepack Chopra and Wayne Dyer.

Both of them encourage you to MEDITATE as one of the most important ways to find the inner peace for a happier life… For this reason, I looked over the internet and found your page… EXCELLENT !!

I read what you offer… read what the people say in the community ….all of them were very positive about meditation and LIFEFLOW as the tool to learn and help you through entrainment waves to get to a deeper states of mind.

I ordered the program, followed the instructions and started meditating after a week. WOW!!!... excellent experience.

I totally recommend everyone Lifelflow… just give it a try, take it seriously and do it DAILY (even if it is only 5 or 10min..) and you would see results. I have learned that everyone has it’s own results and really important is to let it go and expect nothing.. just enjoy it…. And it does work!

Support and service from you is great and for this I have to thank you.

Michael, Thanks for helping me live a much happier life.

I have just started my own business. I now see and realize that I have a huge potential success in what I am doing and have time for my wife and daughter. I see life in a much better and beautiful way and yes.. it is a lot of good things inside each one of us (just we have to give time to ourselves).

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