Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meditation & Advanced Exercises

  awar Welcome to the study of Chios Meditation. Your decision to learn meditation is a good one. The method of meditation taught as part of the Chios system is an excellent all-around meditation method, and may provide many lifelong benefits to you. It is an important practice for the energy field healer as well, and leads to many of the abilities necessary in healing. In addition, after learning this basic meditation technique you can progress to the advanced exercises in the remainder of this site section—exercises in Self-Knowledge and Self-Realization that will accelerate your spiritual growth and foster the advanced abilities useful in healing work. Learning and practicing the Chios Meditation technique is the beginning and foundation of that beneficial process.
   Meditation is the practice of pure awareness. Underneath the manifold experiences, thoughts and actions in which we all engage in our day-to-day life lies a state of pure awareness—pure consciousness—which is the source of all that we are and all that we experience. This field of pure consciousness is also the source of many higher abilities in us which often lie unnoticed and undeveloped. Through the practice of meditation it is possible to come into greater conscious
eness of this deeper reality. Thereby, we do not merely come into greater awareness and understanding of the true nature of ourselves and everything we experience, but we also access many abilities within us that ordinarily lie hidden, through our gaining the ability to rest within and tap the latent powers contained in this state of pure consciousness. The goal of meditation is to cultivate a state of greater conscious connection to this larger spiritual reality, to the realm of pure consciousness, and meditation is perhaps the fundamental spiritual practice.
   The practice of meditation does not “take anything away” from our everyday life, but rather, enables us to become aware and act in a more truly complete manner—a manner which encompasses more of the greater reality in which we live. It also enables us, as we practice the art of energy field healing, to become more aware of the condition of the energy field of our patient, as well as more effective and powerful in our healing abilities, as we seek to perform healing treatment. Chios Meditation will give you the means to foster this deeper awareness and develop these higher conscious abilities, through your regular practice of a meditation technique that over time will allow you to develop and cultivate this awareness and these powers in yourself. It is important that you study the specific technique used in this meditation method (and in the advanced exercises that follow) carefully to be certain that, right from the beginning, you are performing the techniques correctly. Support is available, if you need it. This will ensure that as you progress you will have the potential to develop and enjoy the greater awareness and conscious abilities that lie within you, waiting to be discovered.

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