Friday, February 4, 2011

The intelligence of soul

Usui Reiki

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Usui Reiki is named after Dr. Mikao Usui, who discovered this wonderful methodology for healing through the use of energy. In this type of Reiki, known as Usui Reiki, the energy descends upon the Reiki master and through the use of symbols, the healing process takes place.
Usui Reiki acts as a strong medium between a person and the Divine energy that is present all around us, and is everywhere. We all are an energy reservoir, which means that with the help of the energy, we perform our daily functions. In case there is a deficiency of energy in the body, the equilibrium gets disturbed. Reiki Usui supplements our body with the amount of energy required to make up for the deficiency. Once this happens, our body becomes rejuvenated and energized once again.
An Usui Reiki practitioner leads a life that is based on the principles and good practices of humanity. A true practitioner attains the path of enlightenment and its daily practice also brings about a kind of spiritual freedom and mental strength never experienced before. The person experiences spiritual connection between him and the Creator. This as matter of fact is an altogether different and unique experience that opens limitless possibilities to explore.
Another interesting aspect is that Usui Reiki primarily emphasizes on self healing techniques. The use of the Usui Reiki has been found extremely helpful for those individuals who practice it daily. This, in turn, keeps the person healthy, helps the person to relax and induces self awakening. It is also provides the kind of spiritual enlightenment for which the soul has been longing for quite sometime. The one who is a regular practitioner can also treat others with similar kind of efficiency and provides similar benefits as he has had with Usui Reiki.
As mentioned earlier as well, the Reiki Usui was discovered in 1922 during a course of meditation by Dr. Mikao Usui. Since then it has become an extremely popular technique for physical as well as spiritual treatment all over the world, especially in the US. The technique has been widely adopted in conjunction with other types of treatments. As a matter of fact, it has even proved successful for the treatment of diseases like Cancer and Tuberculosis. The icing on the cake is that you do not require any special place, outfit or gadgetry for the treatment. The only requirement is the Reiki Table where the recipient can lie down and feels completely relaxed.
There are certain misconceptions about Reiki exercises in the general public. The strongest one is that it is specific to a certain religion and can be practiced by the believers of that particular religion. This is totally wrong as it does not have any affiliation with any religious belief. The Usui Reiki revives the consciousness about the Supreme Being. Through this act, it enhances the spiritual power to an extent where the practitioner himself becomes a conduit for the energy that does the job of healing. For doing this, he does not require any particular faith. However, the only requirement is the belief in the Supreme Authority. So irrespective of your faith and religious affiliations, you can easily practice the technique and accrue all kinds of benefits not only for yourself, but for others also.

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